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Transmission Fluid Exchange Edmonton Canada

Have you considered a transmission fluid exchange for your vehicle before the harsh winter season sets in around Edmonton, Canada? At Pro-Tech Transmissions Ltd., we highly recommend a transmission fluid exchange so you won’t be stranded on the side of the road during a snow storm.

A transmission fluid exchange is a service that replaces a vehicle’s existing transmission fluid by means of extracting the fluid through the dipstick fill tube. This service is only provided on vehicles that have a transmission dipstick.

Performing the transmission fluid exchange service through the dipstick eliminates the need to remove the vehicle’s drain pan. This service enables our Pro-Tech Transmissions Ltd. technician to exchange a greater amount of transmission fluid vs. conventional drain pad removal. For most vehicle applications removal of the drain pan only provides replacement of fluid within the drain pan cavity. Replacement of transmission fluid helps restore needed lubrication, enables the transmission to run cooler, and helps clean the internal components of the system.

If your automotive service need involves your vehicle's transmission you should keep in mind that most transmission problems start out small and get worse over time. Taking care of your automotive transmission repair early on can go a long way in saving you money. Our automotive transmission service includes transmission fluid exchange, proudly serving the region around Edmonton, Canada.

For a rapid quote for transmission fluid exchange, contact Pro-Tech Transmissions Ltd. today. Located on the corner of the Yellowhead Trail (Hwy 16) and 127th Street (same parking lot as Humpty's Restaurant) at 12515 127 Street NW in Edmonton, Canada, we are open from 8:30 - 5:30, every Monday through Friday. Call us via our local Edmonton, Canada phone at 780-453-3300, if you have questions, or call 877-435-6880 if you’re outside of the local area. We look forward to serving you with honest and reliable transmission fluid exchange.

If you’re out of the Edmonton, Canada region and need help getting what you need for your transmission fluid exchange, no worries! WE SHIP ANYWHERE. Just ask if we can ship to you!