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What Happens if the Wrong Transmission Filter is Put On?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Happens if the Wrong Transmission Filter is Put On?

Despite the vehicle’s transmission filter playing a very important role; it is also among the most underrated. This may be attributed to its simple design which drives many people to replacing the accessory as a Do-it-Yourself exercise instead of taking the car to the auto mechanic shop. The filter basically sieves dirt, metallic dust, as well as other foreign particles from the transmission fluid. Over time, the filter becomes clogged hence needs to be replaced. A common mistake that people make is using the wrong transmission filter. This usually leads to the following problems:

Increased Wear And Tear

The main role of the filter is to make sure the transmission fluid is clean and free of any harmful debris. This guarantees proper lubrication of the internals. However, a bad filter will fail to filter the fluid thus increasing friction thus further accelerating wear and tear. The damage will be seen by large metal shavings when changing the transmission fluid.

Erratic Gear Shifting

Modern cars particularly automatic ones heavily rely on the transmission fluid. Clean oil ensures smooth shifting of the gears. A faulty filter will either delay the changeover thus making the engine rev too much .This usually results to jerky car movements due to the lag between change from one gear to another.

Overheating Issues

Transmission oil is also used to cool the transmission internally. A wrong filter will either block or allow too much fluid to pass through. This will have adverse effects such as the transmission overheating. It may also affect the pump that circulates the fluid.

Internal Damage

Extended use of a wrong filter may lead to serious damage to the internal moving parts. The uneven pressure, presence of dirt and other harmful particles may scratch the metal parts; damage the oils seals, pumps, sensors among other accessories. The final blow will always come in form of a knocked or burst transmission which is usually quite costly to replace.

Voiding Warranty

Using a wrong filter will also void the guarantee in case the car is still under warranty. The dealership always recommends using the right filter as well as engaging a qualified mechanic and not changing it yourself.

The transmission is where power and torque from the engine is redistributed to the wheels. The right filter therefore ensures that the vehicle is always operating at optimum as well as returning good fuel mileage. In order to stay safe and extend the vehicles lifetime, it is necessary to take the car to qualified and experienced mechanics when seeking to have the transmission filter changed.


We always recommend coming to see highly trained professionals instead of doing the work yourself. Our Pro-Tech Staff have over 100 years combined experience. If you think your transmission filter might need to be changed then give us a call or contact us for a Rapid Quote!

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