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Customers come to us because of our Expert Transmission Service

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Customers come to us because of our Expert Transmission Service

Imagine you have gone to the same doctor for years and have tremendous faith and trust in his competency. However, one day you experience pain in your back, which your trusted doctor diagnoses as a serious issue that will require treatment and possible surgery. What will you do next? Well if you’re like most people you will probably ask your personal doctor for a referral to see an expert. Even if your doctor is very skilled, I am sure you would feel much better knowing you’re under the care of someone experienced with treating your specific problem. The same is true when it comes to your vehicles.

You may have a trusted service technician that handles regular maintenance or minor repairs on your vehicle and when your vehicle is diagnosed with transmission problems wouldn’t you want an expert working on your vehicle?

A transmission repair can be pretty complicated, which is often beyond the competency level of the average garage or car dealership. Do you really want an inexperienced or ill equipped garage to experiment on your vehicle until they find the cause of your vehicles problem? Putting your vehicle in the hands of someone who lacks the expertise could result in extended vehicle downtime in a garage, or costly trial and error repairs.

Pro-Tech Transmissions has been proudly serving Edmonton and the surrounding area since 1999. We have an expert team of technicians that have over 40 combined years specializing in all your driveline needs such as transfer cases, clutches, torque converters, front or rear differentials, computer controlled, automatic, standard or heavy duty transmission repairs. In addition, our team is constantly updating their training to provide you the competency and professional service you deserve for your import or domestic car or truck.

If you have a transmission problem or question about our services, do not hesitate to contact us or request a free quote!

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