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DIFFERENTIAL Repair Edmonton Canada

What exactly is a differential and what does it do? To keep it simple a differential is what transfers your engine power down to the wheels of your vehicle. It also compensates for differences in the speed of each wheel as you turn and adjusts accordingly.

You may not know this but when you make a turn your inside wheel rotates a little bit slower than the outside one, and the differential allows the wheels to do this while still maintaining control of the vehicle. The differential keeps your vehicle riding smoothly, without it you would bounce around.

Front wheel, rear wheel, and four wheel drive vehicles have different setups. In a four wheel drive there are two differentials, one in the front and one in the back with a transfer case in between. In a rear wheel drive vehicle it is located in the back. Finally, in front wheel drive vehicles it has a different name, the "transaxle" which is a combination of the front axle and the transmission, which is of course located between the two front tires. In all of these setups, the differential is there mainly to regulate and route power between the wheels.

Because it is such an important part of your vehicle and it experiences major wear and tear, it is critical to have your differential inspected and repaired if needed. If you like to go off-roading then you will require more frequent checkups. The most common maintenance is a fluid change, as the lubrication prevents worn gears and bearings.

If you suspect that your vehicle is in need of a differential inspection or repair, get a Rapid Quote from us here at Pro-Tech Transmissions Ltd. Open from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. We are located on the corner of the Yellowhead Trail (Hwy 16) and 127th Street (same parking lot as Humpty's Restaurant) at 12515 127 Street NW, Edmonton AB T5L 1A3.

You may call us with questions via our local number to the Edmonton, Canada area at 780-453-3300. However, if you are outside of Edmonton, dial us at 877-435-6880. We look forward to making you a lifetime client with our high-quality and honest repair services. Even if you want help with automatic transmission repair but you don’t have the ability to get to Edmonton, WE SHIP ANYWHERE. Just ask if we can ship to you!