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Signs Your Clutch Needs Repairing

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Signs Your Clutch Needs Repairing

Although clutches are built to last for many miles and years, they are not impervious to typical wear and tear. To extend the life of your clutch, you should endeavor to use it gently and maintain it well. You also need to check for clutch problems and repair the clutch promptly. Here are the telltale signs of a clutch in need of repair. 
Slipping Gears 
When a clutch 'slips', there is usually loss of acceleration, and sometimes a complete loss of drive. Your car can continuously slip out of gear due to excessive lubrication emanating from an oil leak that needs checking. The car can also slip out of gear due to a worn down clutch plate. 
Sticking Clutch 
Common reasons why a clutch may fail to release properly include: a broken or stretched clutch cable, leaky or defective slave clutch cylinders, leaky or defective master clutch cylinders, misadjusted linkage, air in the hydraulic line, and mismatched clutch components. 
Burning Smell 
A foul burning odor especially when accompanied by smoke indicate a mechanical problem. Don’t ignore the smell. 
Unusual Noise or Jerking 
If your vehicle jerks into gear or makes odd noises when shifting, there could be oil or other contaminants on its clutch or gears. 
Rough Shifting 
When changing gears become difficult, and the car shakes when you are shifting, your clutch may be worn down. Rough shifting due to a worn clutch is most noticeable when putting the vehicle into first gear or reverse. 
Clutch Repair and Replacement 
When the clutch is at fault, repair and replacement is an involving job that depends on the diagnosis. The job can involve replacement of the clutch disk, checking, resurfacing and replacing the flywheel, and replacing the throw-out bearing. It can also include inspecting and replacing the pilot bushing as well as unbolting and replacing the clutch. 
Cost of Clutch Repair 
The cost of repairing a clutch depends on the vehicle’s type, make, and model. Typically, exotic, performance and European cars are costlier to replace the clutch than most Japanese economy cars. Equally, four wheel drive cars cost more than their two-wheel drive counterparts. 
The cost of repair also depends on the number, type and cost of parts used. And of course, there are general labor costs. The cost can range from $500 to $2,500. 
Taking care of clutch problems promptly can prevent further damage to the vehicle’s transmission and related systems. For professional clutch repair, drivers in Edmonton and surrounding areas trust Pro-Tech Transmissions. If you have a problematic clutch or any other kind of transmission trouble, let our certified team of expert auto repair technicians take care of your vehicle. Contact us today and get your free, rapid quote. 


Photo Credit: Jamie Harris 


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