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How to Become a Certified Auto-mechanic in Alberta Canada

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Become a Certified Auto-mechanic in Alberta Canada

The first requirement to becoming an automotive mechanic in Canada is completing your secondary education. Beyond that, every province has its own rules, and Alberta demands that its auto mechanics complete a technician trade certification. Afterwards, you can work in car dealerships or automotive shops maintaining vehicles, diagnosing faulty operations, and repairing vehicles and light trucks. 

Automotive service technicians must be certified to work in the trade in Alberta. The application is sent to Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training for approval. 

The Alberta Qualification Certificate Program 
Applications to this program are intended for individuals who can prove that their skills and work proficiency satisfy the industry standards for certification in Alberta’s Automotive Service Technician trade. The application is only valid for Canadian citizens or permanent Canadian residents. An automotive service technician is required to:
  • Attain relevant work experience in that capacity for a minimum period of 9,000 hours and 72 months 
  • Present documents from every employer he has worked for in the trade,including forms for verification of work experience or letters of workexperience confirmation with in-depth descriptions of hands-on-work experience. 
  • Present a letter of declaration from the employer, indicating that the applicant has the skills and knowledge of a certified journey person, and is executing duties that are expected of a certified journey person. 
  • Write and pass the trade examination. The minimum mark is 70 percent. 

Once accepted by the Alberta Apprenticeship and industry Training, you can seekemployment in the trade under similar conditions and supervisory obligations tothose of a registered apprentice, until the application is cancelled, or qualification certificate issued. 

Qualifications for Temporary Foreign Workers 
The temporary foreign workers qualification program is an application for non-Canadian citizens, who intend to work as automotive service technicians in Alberta. They are required to demonstrate the same set of skills and expertise in the trade, as permanent Canadian residents, and fulfill all the requirements of an automotive service technician. The application should be fully completed with all documents, submitted and approved before the applicant arrives in Alberta. The mailing address and more current information on tradecertification can be obtained from

  • When providing employer contact information, only include the landline phone numbers. Cell phone numbers are not acceptable. 
  • The application fee or $450 must accompany the application. Can be sent via a certified cheque or money order for non citizens. 
  • All required documents must be either originals, or certified true copies 
  • All documents must be in English 
  • Examinations are conducted in English and French, and a translator may be used. 
  • Participants will receive the Alberta Trade Certificate from the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program. 

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