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How to Choose a Transmission Shop

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Choose a Transmission Shop

Very few people on the roads today are capable of identifying problems with their cars, let alone fixing them. This is a result of the fact that there are numerous car repair shops, and you can always go to the closest one when you have car trouble.

However, it is not advisable to leave your car with just any mechanic. Transmission problems are complicated, and should only be handled by professional mechanics with the right training. As such, it is essential that you find the right transmission shop before your car breaks down. The right mechanic will give you peace of mind knowing that you are protected, and that your car will be well attended to.

Thereare several things that you should look for when searching for a reliable transmission mechanic:

Training and Certification: Anyone with above average knowledge about cars and is willing to get dirty can claim to be a mechanic. However, you should not trust anyone without the right training and certification to prove that they are capable of doing the job. The certifying body in Alberta is “Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training”. The professional mechanic of your choice must have the proper certification,showing that they have undertaken the mandatory technician trade qualification certificate program, and have been approved to practice as an automotive technician.

Proper Tools and Equipment: You should conduct a survey of prospective transmission shops to find the one with the appropriate tools and equipment to service your specific vehicle. Different vehicles have different specifications based on the company of manufacture and car model. Auto shops that employ the one-size-fits-all approach may not meet the unique needs of your car, which means that it won’t get the best care. Mechanic with factory-approved equipment for your type of car shows that they are experienced with that particular manufacturer, and you can entrust your car to them.

Warranty: Professional mechanics should be certain of the problem with your car, and the exact solution. As such, it is recommended that you seek a service provider that offers a conditional warranty that is appropriate for you. It could be in terms of miles or number of years: usually a minimum of 1 year or 12,000 KMs.

Method of Payment: It is preferable if the transmission shop can accept more than one method of payment, so that you can pay conveniently. Some shops check for credit-card financing, which may pose a problem for those with a low credit score

Towing Services: Towing services are important and can save you a lot of trouble and money, especially in emergency situations.

Pro-Tech Transmissions is dedicated to customer satisfaction. All of ourtechnicians are fully certified and have more than 40 years combined experience. We offer 1-year or 30,000 km warranty on all services. Our tools and equipment are regularly updated and inspected. We accept multiple forms ofpayment and also have a recommended towing partner. To ask for help from any ofour transmission pros, call us at (780) 453-3300 or 1-877-435-6880 today.

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