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Pro-Tech Transmissions

Oct 4, 2017
Fantastic service - fast and honest. Fixed my issue for $7000 LESS than the dealer quoted me and diagnosed a second issue not related to the transmission which was completely missed by the dealer. Rob and crew are highly recommended. Never tried to up sell and didn't even charge for a follow up concern that led to the second diagnosis. I couldn't be happier.
Terry K
Jun 10, 2017
I received a recommendation from a previous customer of Pro-Tech. I phoned Rob to discuss a speed sensor and conductor plate issue on my Grand Cherokee. Rob had me describe the issue and was able to provide an approximate estimate to repair the problem without a lot of caveats as to a worse case scenario if the problem was more than the speed sensors. I brought the jeep in and they completed the work in a morning. The charges were exactly as quoted and I was advised that my tranny is very clean and in excellent shape. I had a chance to have some good conversation with Rob and Patty and found them very down to earth and honest. I fully recommend Pro-Tech if you have a tranny problem.
Nov 19, 2016
I have a high mileage dodge diesel and was in need of a rebuild, glad I came across Pro-tech. Customer service is second to none, you will never meet friendlier, more honest, knowledgeable people EVER! They were fantastic to deal with, and did a great job of my custom build. I only go to them for my transmission maintenance, and recommend them to everyone.
Nov 19, 2016
Great service
Wes Henderson
Nov 19, 2016
Brought in a BMW 325 XI which required transmission. I located a used one at auto wrecker and had Pro-Tech install. I was thankful they chose to do the work. Sometimes shops only want to install new. Thanks guys !
Harvey Nadeau
Nov 19, 2016
We had an older 1994 Dodge Ram Diesel 3/4t with transmission troubles. The "price was right" for repairs. The experts knew to trouble shoot if underlying problems were present. The repairs were fast. Warranty work for a new faulty transmission was done ASAP. After a year, the underlying problem was the throttle positioning sensor and the transmission speed sensor. Both were replaced and the transmission operates light new. It was well worth the time and money to have Pro-Tech experts involved where others would have told us to buy a new vehicle!!! Thanks to Rob and his team, all the highest praise and respect,
Nov 19, 2016
I just want to say thanks to Rob and his crew!! The service and quality is exceptional. I would recommend anyone who needs work done to go and see Rob, thanks angain pro-tech
Morgan Ferris
Nov 6, 2016
I was in working in Alberta from Bc a few years ago and had a major issues with a new posi rear end I just got installed(in Bc) and Pro-tech Transmissions in Edmonton put a brand new one in on warranty by dealing with the shop in Bc! They went above and beyond and 4 years later that rear end is still going strong! I would recommend them to anyone needing any drive-train gear work done!
Dan makey
Nov 2, 2016
very good , work done excellent.
Barry Slipp
Oct 28, 2016
Always the professionals. It's nice to refer a transmission shop when you know those folks are honest. Rare these days.
Tim Mennie
Oct 26, 2016
Everything good as always. Best place in Edmonton for drive train service.
Oct 26, 2016
When they are busy they still make room for our trucks and we have them back on the road in great time.They are aware my vans are important to our operations.
I never have had to complain about service or take a vehicle back for any reason.
Their customer relations are among the best that I have dealt with.
Roland A
Oct 24, 2016
Very happy with the transmission work Pro-Tech did on my wife's 1999 voyager . They said the case would have to be replaced ,found a used one rebuilt the transmission all done pretty much when they said (considering the search for the case) and for the price quoted. Had a second issue and again they came thru .
Will be using them again when needed.
Oct 24, 2016
Rob has always been very helpful, I have had nothing but great service from pro-tech, they have always come through when I had a rush job.
Robert Smith
Oct 23, 2016
I have had Rob and his crew do the clutch twice on my Tacoma with great results and in addition Rob helped troubleshoot an engine problem for me one day when I was experiencing an engine problem.
Rod Skura
Oct 22, 2016
Top notch service. Two years later transmission still working fine.
Allen Benbow
Oct 22, 2016

Professional knowledgeable of transmissions and provide excellent service at a reasonable price
Oct 22, 2016
Oct 21, 2016
Great customer service, professional and efficient. Goes the extra mile. The Mike Holmes of transmissions. Very happy to be their customer.
John B
Oct 21, 2016
I had a front seal leak on my 2003 Dodge Dakota 4X4 and they fixed it fast! I am still driving it with confidence. Fantastic staff.
Chris Tiffinger
Oct 21, 2016
Pro tech transmission was very professional. When they did the tear down for repair they noticed a different problem than was expected. I was given a call to come down before work was done to see what they had found. I was taken into the shop and shown the issue and asked what I'd like them to do. I was even given a break on some of the parts and labour as the repair had to go in a slightly different direction. I was very happy with the service and the work that was done. I recommend them to people all the time.
Oct 21, 2016
Excellent service :)
Helped in hour of need.

Fantastic service - fast and honest. Fixed my issue for $7000 LESS than the dealer quoted me and diagnosed a second issue not related
to the transmission which was completely missed by the dealer. Rob and crew are highly recommended. Never tried to up sell and didn't even charge for a follow up concern that led to the second diagnosis. I couldn't be happier.


Best work I've had done!

This is my second time dealing with Pro Tech, I was completely satisfied with the first transmission they built for me, so a couple years later I upgraded and had another built. The moment I drove it, I knew there was a difference in their work. I've not had success with previous builders in the past, but Pro Tech delivered and took care of me!

James G
Edmonton, AB

I have had two transmissions rebuilt by Pro-Tech and I would recommend them to any of my friends. The work was great and fast and at a very fair price. Rob was very knowledgeable and up front about the work that needed to be done.

Edmonton, AB

Fantastic job. Rebuilt a 90 XJ2Jag transmission. Reasonable price, and re-checked it a few weeks after for free. Even installed a new transmission mount after the rebuild at no cost, once I found the part. I would go nowhere else.

Edmonton, AB

Very confident in their workmanship, I would recommend them to anybody.

Pro-Tech Transmissions is very good. They worked on a couple of transmission problems that were pretty technical. Not every individual could take them on, and I would be skeptical if they tried, but Pro-Tech was very confident in the complication of it.

Everything turned out great. It all works fine, and I haven't had any issues on any of the equipment. I would feel safe taking the vehicle anywhere. They are very straight and to the point, and there is not a lot of dawdling around. They are very experienced in what they are dealing with.

Barry F
Edmonton, AB

Everything is excellent and I've never had a problem with them.

I use Pro-tech Transmissions to do repairs, differential transmission, and transfer cases for my company. I've never had a problem with their work. Rob has come over here to diagnose vehicles himself. They treat us very well.

- John V
Edmonton, AB

Pleasant experience, good service.

I had a problem with my transmission and took it over to Pro-Tech Transmissions LTD. Rob came out and did a road test with me. The computer diagnostic ran as we drove. Then, he gave me the information and price for the repair. They got the job done in a quick and efficient manner. It was a pleasant experience.

Bryan C
Edmonton, AB

It was a pleasure servicing our vehicle by Pro-Tech. Dealing with Rob and His wonderfully generous wife had put smiles on our faces by the end of the day. Great service and a more than reasonable price was all we could ask for. We will definitely be back for more. :) thank you both for your time and service. Until next time. Clear Skies Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd

- Clear Skies Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.
4736-76 Ave Edmonton, AB T6B 0A5

My experience with Pro Tech has been excellent! Quick and reliable service from friendly and experienced professionals.

Two years ago I took my van to them. I had already had three transmissons and a couple of trans axels replaced but still had tons of problems. They were the only people to get it right!! Even had it towed on New years Day!
They went way out of their way to educate me about why I was experiencing the problems I had had. Two years later now and no problems.
Recently I purchased a used vehicle and took it to them to change out the transmission fluid. To be honest, I was surprised they would even want to look at it.( 17 years old) Shortly after picking the car up I was experiencing a problem with it not shifting properly. They took it back in and within the same day had me on the road again! No extra costs!! This was not their fault simply an older vehcle with worn parts. They stood behind their work even though I am sure it cost them for their time. Hopefully I will be able to make it up to them
I will be sending all my friends to them.

Edmonton, AB

Excellent, professional, honest service. Highly recommend.

Our experience with Pro-Tech was beyond expectations. They went out of their way to have a transmission shipped within hours of a phone call - to the Yukon! Amazing friendly service. Highly recommended.

Jeannette S
Whitehorse, YT

Service was awesome, price was really good, and the speed of service and advice far exceeded my expectation's.

- Corey Callbeck
Stony Plain, AB

Well..we had a very good experience with dealing with Pro-tech, Rob and staff. We knew the transmission would either be $300 bucks or $3000 to fix. It would be the later, but it needed to be done so be it. They were quick with fixing the transmission. I just took my SUV in for a follow-up check that was recommended. Everything is great!! I will definitely recommend Pro-tech to everyone!! Oh and we will be back (if needed ;) Thanks Pro-Tech!!

- Karen Anderson
Edmonton, AB

Work done timely and efficiently. Satisfied customer.

I needed the work done in a timely manner as I needed my vehicle to get to and from work. Pro-Tech Transmissions were very understanding of this and did the work as quickly as they could. This said, they also made sure that the the job was done properly. They also do a follow up examination approximately one month after the work is done in order to insure that 'all is well'. The final tally is a very satisfied customer.

Mel Heinrichs
Edmonton, AB

I have used Pro-Tec to rebuild the transmission for my 2000 Windstar. I also used them to fix a transmission oil leak on my 2004 Mercedes CLK 240. I continually use them on both cars for scheduled preventive maintenance service. The work was done well, on time and at a reasonable cost. I had a problem with the Windstar transmission long after the warranty had expired and they fixed the problem under half warranty. I have recommended them to many of my friend and relations

- Allen B
Edmonton, AB


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